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Sending physical records with Toll

We use Toll Priority for all our Interstate and NSW regional customers (NSW metro customers are serviced by Go Logistics, no consignment notes are required).

Toll consignment notes (shipping labels) are required for all parcels being picked up by Toll. Note: the packing slip generated when submitting a case on CyberConnect is not a shipping label.

Toll Consignment Notes

We'll send you a pack of Toll satchels with a consignment note attached to make preparing records for a pickup easy.

If you are sending your first case, we'll send you a consignment note via correspondence via CyberConnect Simply print the consignment note and attach to the parcel ready for collection.

Running low?

If you're running low on prepared Toll satchels, let our customer service team know and we'll organise to send you another pack with your next finished case.

Completely run out?

If you have completely run out and have a case to send, ensure you check the consignment note checkbox when submitting the case via CyberConnect.

Our friendly customer service team is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm if you need any assistance. Customer service can be contacted at 1300 789 368 or via email


Ready to send a case? Log in or register for a CyberConnect account. The provider portal allows you to submit cases using a 100% online prescription form, upload intraoral scans directly to the case, or arrange a pickup for physical records. CyberConnect, keeping you connected anywhere, anytime.


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