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How to submit a case

Sending a case is easy and it's 100% online! Check out our how-to video below. We've also listed it out step-by-step incase you'd like to print the instructions.

Video instructions

Step-by-step instructions

1. Log in or setup your CyberConnect account HERE

2. Click 'submit a new case'. If you have partially submitted Rx's they'll also appear for completion or deletion.

3. Select the provider and delivery address, this will show your default provider and address, so remember to change them if you have more than one.

4. Enter your patients' name, gender, and birthdate.

5. Select teeth/arch and restoration(s), and enter your instructions or upload drawings and/ or photos if you have them.

6. Select impressions, Scans or Trios as your source of records.

6a. If you're sending impressions, let us know when they'll be ready to pick up, and print your packing slip which must be included with your impressions. The system will automatically schedule a courier for the selected date.

6b. If you're sending digital impressions you can upload your *.STL files after selecting 'scans'.

6c. If you're sending Trios scans, select Trios and we'll know to look in our inbox. Remember, we'll only manufacture your case using the instructions provided via the prescription completed via your CyberConnect account.

7. Click 'next' and the system will assign a case number which will help you track your case throughout manufacture and shipping.


Ready to get started? Log in or register for your CyberConnect account to complete the online prescription form. You can also upload intraoral scans directly to the case if you have them or arrange a pickup booking for physical records.

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