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Person inserting a removable retainer into their mouth.
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Appliances and Orthotics

Occlusal Splints


Occlusal splints are a proven treatment for bruxism, however, they are also beneficial in protecting fixed restorations such as veneers and crowns. Cyberdent offers three types of occlusal splints;

Hard occlusal splints are manufactured using heat-cured acrylic, are the strongest, and allow for additions such as ball clasps if the patient's teeth lack undercuts for retention of the appliance. Hard occlusal splints are the least comfortable and most difficult to fit, however offer the most appliance longevity for the patient. 

Soft and hard occlusal splints are manufactured using the thermoforming technique. They have a hard outer shell and soft liner making them more comfortable than hard occlusal splints however offer more longevity than soft occlusal splints. They are ideal for patients who are coming back to wearing occlusal splints or find hard splints too uncomfortable. 

Soft occlusal splints are the most comfortable and easiest to fit, they are prone to staining however provide a high level of cushioning and are ideal for patients who are new to wearing splints.

Cyberdent offers hard occlusal splints, soft/hard occlusal splints, and soft night guards.

Bleaching Trays

Bleaching trays are a common technique used when whitening teeth. The trays are manufactured using a thermoforming method and die spacing to create a micro space between the teeth and the bleaching tray to allow space for the whitening gel. 

Bleaching trays can be used in combination with fixed cosmetic restorations such as SlimSmile to achieve an overall white smile. 

Cyberdent full service dental laboratory manufactures quality bleaching trays at an affordable price.

Functional Appliances

  • Spring appliance

  • Roberts appliance

  • Hyrax palatal expander

  • Screw appliance

  • Bionator

  • Twin blocks

  • Quad helix

  • Andersen

Passive Appliances

  • Fixed lingual wire

  • Essix retainer

  • Spring Hawley

  • Space maintainer

  • Begg retainer

  • Nance appliance

  • Lingual Arch space maintainer

  • Hawley retainer

Cyberdent dental laboratory manufactures a range of orthodontic appliances. With a comprehensive range of functional and passive appliances available for request via the online provider portal CyberConnect.
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