Navigating the online prescription form

Updated: Sep 20

CyberConnect allows you to be in control of your lab work anywhere, anytime. To help simplify your workflow, below is a guide to navigating the online prescription form.


If you're prescribing an appliance that doesn't require specific teeth, for example, chrome framework, occlusal splint, retainer, or mouthguard, then you can select the entire arch by clicking 'upper arch' or 'lower arch' labels on the odontogram.

If you're prescribing a restoration for specific teeth, then it is important to make the correct selection on the odontogram. You can download the below odontogram document to help you make the correct selection.

Download PDF • 767KB

Restoration Selection

Accurate communication is important to ensure you receive the restoration you intended, below is an outline of the restoration menu and where each product is located.

  • Full Contour - Zirmega, Zirmil, IPS e.max crown, veneer, IPS e.max inlay/onlay/3qtr crown, full alloy crown, PMMA temporary

  • Veneered - Zirmax and PFM

  • Post and Core - Alloy and zirconia

  • Maryland - IPS e.max, alloy, zirconia

  • Diagnostic mockup - diagnostic mockup

  • Denture - all denture material and service options

  • Appliances - mouthguard, retainer, snoring appliance, orthotics, occlusal splint, bleaching tray

Each menu selection will open a form with further selections and specifications, ensure you go through each of the form fields carefully and ensure they are completed correctly.


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