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Occlusal Splints

Occlusal splint

Whether you're treating TMJ disorders or protecting a new dental restoration, our range of occlusal splints has you and your patients covered. We have three different splint options available, below is an overview of each splint variation.

Soft Occlusal Splint (Night guard)

Soft occlusal splints or night guards are manufactured from a 4mm thick blank that is vacuum formed over the model. The soft material makes it comfortable for the patient and easy for you to fit.

Product specs:

  • Soft thermoformed material

  • 4mm thickness


  • Preventing bruxism


  • Comfortable for the patient

  • Easy to issue to the patient

Soft/Hard Splint

Soft/hard splints are manufactured from a 3mm blank that is vacuum formed over the model. It has a soft layer on the inside and a hard layer on the outside which makes it more comfortable and functional due to the dual layers. Soft/hard splints are indicated for treatment of mild TMJ disorders.

Product specs:

  • Thermoformed dual layer material - hard outer and soft inner layer

  • 3mm thickness


  • Treatment of mild TMJ disorders


  • Comfortable for the patient

  • Durable and functional due to the hard outer layer

Hard Splint

Hard splints are manufactured from acrylic that is either heat or cold cured. The finished appliance is typically 2mm in thickness and has excellent abrasive resistance. Hard splints are indicated for treatment of TMJ disorders or bruxism, and are typically worn 24-hours per day, except when eating or brushing teeth.

Product specs:

  • Hard acrylic

  • 2mm thickness


  • Treating TMJ disorders


  • Durable

Technician tip!

To ensure retention of the splint in the patients mouth, check to see whether or not your patient has natural undercuts on their teeth. The natural undercuts are what the splint holds onto to achieve good retention in the mouth.

If the patient does not have natural undercuts, consider;

  1. Having the splint made on the lower arch, or

  2. Requesting ball clasps to give the device added retention. Ball clasps are only available on hard occlusal splints.


Need a splint manufactured? Head to the CyberConnect portal where you can register for an account, or log in if you already have one, and submit a case.

You'll find the range of splints under the appliances option when completing the online prescription form.


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