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Coloured Occlusal Splints

Transparent occlusal splints can be difficult to see if they are dropped or placed on a surface. To make them easier for your patient's to see, occlusal splints are now available coloured.

Our hard and hard/ soft splints are available in a range of colours. The colour options are listed below.

Hard splints

  • Transparent

  • Blue

  • Red

  • Pink

Soft splits

  • Transparent

Hard / soft splints (inside soft & outside hard)

  • Transparent

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Pink

To order a coloured occlusal splint, ensure to note this in the additional instructions and specify which colour you'd like.


Get started

If you have a case you'd like submit log in or register for a CyberConnect account at and complete the online prescription form. You'll find occlusal splints in the 'Appliances' section when completing the online prescription form.

Get in touch

If you'd like to speak with a customer service representative, get in touch on 1300 789 368 or via email at Our customer service team are available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.


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