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Celebrating 6 Years of CyberConnect

Laptop displaying the CyberConnect portal with a Cyberdent branded travel computer mouse.

Cyberdent stands as a pioneer in the Australian dental industry, having introduced one of the first customer-facing online portals in 2018. This innovation revolutionised the way our clients interact with us, offering the convenience of submitting, managing, and communicating on their cases at any time, from anywhere. We recognised the importance of flexibility, acknowledging that each customer's needs are unique.

Designed with the future of digital dentistry in mind, CyberConnect seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, empowering our clients to stay ahead in an evolving industry.

At Cyberdent, we are committed to standing beside our customers, constantly innovating and refining our systems, processes, machinery, and products. Our goal is simple: to ensure that our clients remain at the forefront of modern dentistry.

In celebration of six years of CyberConnect, we're excited to offer a complimentary Cyberdent branded travel mouse to every customer who submits a case during the month of May.

Embark on the CyberConnect journey with us today by registering your CyberConnect account.

About CyberConnect 

Streamlined Workflow:Upload intraoral scans effortlessly, ensuring seamless integration into your digital workflow.

Effortless Logistics:Automatically book pickups for physical case materials, saving you time and simplifying your operations.

Transparent Financials:View and pay invoices with ease, maintaining clear visibility into your financial transactions.

Real-Time Updates:Stay informed with case ETA's, enabling you to plan and manage your schedule efficiently.

Dedicated Support:Our experienced team is always here to assist you, offering personalized service and support at every stage of your journey.


Cyberdent is a full-service dental laboratory serving dental professionals across Australia. Our focus is on delivering top-quality dental restorations at competitive, all-inclusive prices. Become a provider by registering your CyberConnect.

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