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Zirmega: Enhanced Translucency, Unmatched Strength

Zirmega translucent zirconia dental restorations

Discover Zirmega, a cutting-edge third-generation Zirconia that seamlessly combines exceptional aesthetic translucency with remarkable mechanical prowess.

Experience restorations that mirror the natural translucency found in materials like lithium disilicate all while benefiting from the durability, biocompatibility, and robustness inherent to Zirconia. Boasting a flexural strength of 800 MPa, Zirmega stands as the definitive choice for captivating smiles.

Key Applications:

  • Anterior crowns

  • Posterior crowns

  • Bridges spanning up to 3 units

Why Opt for Cyberdent Zirconia?

  • Fusion of strength and captivating aesthetics

  • Utilisation of advanced CAD/CAM technology for unparalleled outcomes

  • Biocompatibility

  • Wide-ranging applications, from crowns and bridges to implants

Ready to Embrace Zirmega?

If Zirmega aligns with your restoration requirements, seize the opportunity by visiting CyberConnect. Register for a free account or log in if you're a Cyberdent provider. Within the online prescription form, you'll find Zirmega conveniently located under the full contour menu.

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