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Setup your account for success!

Your CyberConnect account allows you to submit and manage cases anywhere, anytime. To get the most out of your CyberConnect account here are some tips and tricks to setup your account for success.

Add and manage addresses

Work at more than one location? Add multiple addresses to your account and assign cases to specific addresses when completing the online prescription form. We'll arrange a pickup and send the finished restoration to your selected address.

To add additional addresses to your account, sign into your CyberConnect account and select 'My Account'. Select the 'Address Book' tab, here you can add additional addresses or edit and remove existing addresses.

Add practitioners

If you'd like to have multiple practitioners under a single account, you can. Add the providers to you account in the 'My Account' section of your CyberConnect account. When submitting cases online, it can be assigned to the treating practitioner.

To add practitioners to your account, once you have signed in select 'My Account' and then select the 'Add or Remove Doctors' tab. Here you can add and manage the practitioners on the account.

Account details

Your account details can be updated via CyberConnect. To update existing details on your account, signed in and select 'My Account'. Here you can update the username, address, password, email, and contact details.


When setting up your account, there are a couple of things you may like to consider from an accounting perspective and your preferences.

Statements are automatically generated and are issued per account. Therefore, all cases submitted under the account will appear on a single statement. This is important to note, if you prefer to have individual statements for practitioners or practice locations, then you would be better to have separate accounts.

Our customer service team are available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm at 1300 789 368 or send us an email at


Ready to get started setting your account up for success? Head to your CyberConenct account now.


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