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Zirmil, metal-free and super strong Zirconia

Dental professional with a model of the jaw showing various restorations.

Zirconia is one of the most versatile and highly prescribed materials for clinicians wanting to provide their patients with a metal-free restoration. We find that clinicians have a preference for Zirconia over traditional PFM due to the superior qualities of Zirconia including aesthetics, durability, precision fit, and strength.

Cyberdent offers three types of Zirconia options including Zirmax (porcelain veneered onto a zirconia core), Zirmega (full contour translucent zirconia), and Zirmil (full contour Zirconia). In this article we'll be looking at Zirmil, full-contour Zirconia.


Zirmil is a full-contour restoration milled from a block of Zirconium. Zirconia is a bio-compatible material, and is incredibly hard making it resistant to wear.

Zirmil gets 5 stars for strength, however has minimal translucency, and therefore is not ideal for aesthetic restorations. Zirmega or Zirmax are a better choice of Zirconia when aesthetics are important.


  • Single crowns, particularly in the posterior region due limited aesthetics

  • Long-span bridge

  • Implant retained restorations

Technician Tip!

For preps that are dark in shade, Zirmil is a good metal-free material choice as there is minimal translucency in the material. It's always good to let the technician know if there is a dark prep and provide a photo of the teeth with the stump shade. The technician will take this into consideration when manufacturing the restoration.


Considering Zirmil for your next restoration? Go to CyberConnect to register for your free account or login if you already have one. Zirmil is located under the full contour menu option in the online prescription form.


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