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Zirmega, strong and aesthetic Zirconia

Milling machine manufacturing a Zirmega dental restoration

Zirmega translucent full contour zirconia offers a unique combination of natural-like translucency and strength.


  • High translucency for a natural looking restoration

  • Flexural strength of 1200MPa

  • Stronger than other aesthetic restorations such as IPS e.max (flexural strength 500MPa)

  • Highly biocompatible zirconia

Features and benefits of a Zirmega dental restoration


Zirmega can be used for both anterior and posterior crowns, and bridges up to 3-units.

Technician Tip!

Due to the translucency of the material, the underlying stump shade needs to be taken into consideration. If the stump is dark, it will likely affect the final aesthetics of the restoration. If in doubt, upload a photo of the prep with a stump shade tab in the photo so our technician factor this in when manufacturing the restoration.


Want to try a strong and aesthetic material for your next restoration? Head to CyberConnect to register for free, or login if you already have an account.

Zirmega is located under the full-contour menu option in the online prescription form.


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