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Zirmax, the all-rounder Zirconia

Woman with a porcelain fused to Zirconia dental crown

Zirmax is manufactured by layering porcelain onto a Zirconia coping, and is an ideal all-rounder material option. It has a high level of accuracy and strength from the CAD/CAM designed and milled coping. Whilst achieving superior aesthetics from the layered porcelain with natural translucency qualities.


Zirmax is a good all round restoration material and is suitable for use in crown, bridge, and implant retained restorations in any situation.

  • Anterior and posterior crowns

  • Short and long span bridges

  • Implant retained restorations


Thinking of using Zirmax in your next crown and bridge case? Head to CyberConnect to register as a provider, or login to your account if you already have one. When completing the online prescription form, you'll find Zirmax under the veneered menu option.


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