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How to submit a remake case

What you need:

Before you submit a case for remake via your CyberConnect account, ensure you have the following:

  • Original restoration

  • Original models

  • Original case number

  • Photographs and/or x-rays of the problem

  • New impression or intra-oral scan STL files

How to submit a remake case:

Anytime you send us a case, it needs to be submitted online via your CyberConnect account, so it is assigned a new case number. Even though the case may be a remake or an ongoing case (such as the next step in a denture), it still needs to be assigned a new case number each time it is sent to us.

Go to and complete the online prescription form via your CyberConnect account.

For a remake case, ensure you type the following in the additional records section:

  • 'Original case number: [note original case number]'

  • 'Remake reason: [outline the reason for the redo]'

We also recommend uploading photos or x-rays of the problem in the field provided.

Send the case with the new packing slip, the original restoration, original models, and new impression or intra-oral scan STL files and we'll take it from there.

Remake policy:

If you haven't already, review our remake policy to ensure your case qualifies as a remake.

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