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Flexibility with Valplast

Valplast partial dentures are manufactured from flexible acrylic, making them a great option for patients seeking a restorative solution that is aesthetic, comfortable, and durable.


Valplast is slightly opaque and blends with the natural tones of mouth tissues, creating a restoration with natural aesthetics.


Valplast is flexible and can be made thinner than traditional partial dentures, resulting in a more natural, less bulky feel. The flexibility allows the partial denture to move naturally giving patients confidence while talking, eating, and smiling.


Valplast is lightweight and strong, resulting in a partial denture that is thin, highly aesthetic and extremely durable.


Ready to offer Valplast to patients in your practice? Head to CyberConnect to setup your free online account, or login if you already have an account. CyberConnect is the online provider portal allowing you to submit cases using the online prescription form, and manage cases anytime, anywhere!


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