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SlimSmile prepless veneers

SlimSmile is the latest in minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry, offering prepless veneers as thin as 0.2mm.

Cosmetic dentistry is increasingly popular among consumers. However, the cost, time, and painful procedures involved in traditional cosmetic dentistry can be a major barrier to consumers going ahead with treatment. This is where SlimSmile is different.

SlimSmile prepless veneers features and benefits

SlimSmile veneers are made ultra-thin and designed to be bonded to your patients' teeth, meaning no time-consuming and potentially painful tooth preparations are required – this also means there is no need for you to temporise the teeth between impressions and bonding the final SlimSmile veneers!

  • No preparation

  • No pain

  • No temporisation

  • No long dental appointments

SlimSmile is simply bonded over the patient’s existing teeth, delivering a beautiful new smile in as little as two short visits!

That's a lot for both you and your patients to smile about!


Ready to try SlimSmile prepress veneers? Head over to CyberConnect to register for free, or login if you already have an account. SlimSmile is located under the full contour menu option in the online prescription form.


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