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Exporting scans from CEREC

We don't accept scans via Cerec-Connect portal, however, we do accept scans exported from the Open Scan STL versions listed below. You can then upload the exported scans when submitting the case via CyberConnect.

The Open Scan STL license must be activated on the License Drive which is plugged into the unit for the feature to work. You will need to contact Densply Sirona to confirm if you have this licence or to purchase this licence.

  • CEREC 4.5 and higher

  • Sirona Connect 4.5 and higher

  • Ortho 1.2 and higher

After submitting your RX via CyberConnect and selecting 'Scans' from the materials menu, you'll need to drag and drop your scan files (STL format) by using the Export feature on your CEREC software.

  1. On your scanner software, go to upper left corner of the screen and select Export

  2. Select the location where you'd like to save the scans

  3. Use the drop down box to select STL from the list (other file types won't work).

  4. Rename the file to patient first initial and last name of the patient e.g. Michael Scott becomes MScott.

  5. Click Save

  6. Drag and drop your exported STL files into the patient's case on the CyberConnect portal.


Cyberdent is your ideal partner in digital dentistry. Our provider portal CyberConnect allows you to submit cases using our 100% online prescription form and upload your intraoral scans, anytime, anywhere!


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