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Silensor-SL Snoring Prevention Device

Silensor-SL snoring prevention device

The Silensor-SL is comprised of two transparent splints for each jaw. The lower jaw is either held in a predetermined position or advanced by two connectors that are fixed laterally to the splint. The Silensor-SL device is designed to counteract the narrowing of the respiratory tracts. The velocity of the inspired air decreases therefore reducing the noise generated from the vibrating soft tissues.

Jaw movements are still possible whilst wearing the Silensor-SL, however, the device prevents the falling back of the lower jaw. This makes the Silensor-SL a comfortable and effective appliance for snore management. Clinical tests have shown that the advancement of the lower jaw considerably reduces snoring in more than 80% of patients and may reduce the apnea index by up to 50%*.

How the Silensor-SL device works as a snoring prevention device

Silensor-SL Indications

The Silensor-SL device is successful in most cases as snoring is typically caused by airway constriction. The device design prevents the lower jaw from falling back allowing the airway to remain open, whilst the compact design doesn’t obstruct mouth breathing.

The following should be considered before prescribing the Silensor-SL device;

  • A patient with severe corpulence is unlikely to have successful treatment outcomes. The effectiveness will be increasingly reduced at a BMI (body-mass-index) of more than 30 and a neck circumference of more than 44 cm.

  • The device cannot be used with edentulous patients.

  • If a patient has partial dentition, the clinician needs to evaluate how retentive the appliance will be. If a lack of retention is identified, then the Silensor-SL is not suitable.

  • If sleep apnea is suspected, further assessment (e.g. sleep laboratory study) should be conducted considering the seriousness of the disease.



Get Started

A Silensor-SL device with Cyberdent is $350. There are no additional fees for couriers or model printing, plus you can save up to 20% of you case with our Volume discounts.

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