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Taking your practice digital with Shining 3D scanners

Shining 3D scanner $15,990 + Bonus $500 lab credit

Bring your practice into the digital age of dentistry with a Shining 3D scanner, plus a bonus $500 Cyberdent lab credit. Offer ends 30th June 2023.

Whether you’re in the market for an intraoral scanner or a lab scanner, Shining 3D has an affordable solution to bring your practice into the digital age and take advantage of the benefits of digital dentistry.

Intra oral scanner - AORALSCAN 3

Exceptional, smart, and elegant, the Aoralscan 3 improves the overall clinical experience –allowing users to easily and efficiently generate accurate digital impressions.

The Aoralscan 3 comes with a wide range of intelligent functions, guaranteeing more comfortable chairside experience and efficient clinic-lab collaboration.

Affordable and full of features.

Sprint to the finish

Unprecedented scan speed, combining Ai and intuitive software to provide you with faster appointment times and a more comfortable patient experience.

Large scan field

The Aoralscan 3 has one of the largest scan fields on the market and is suitable for various clinical scenarios including acquiring scan bodies, crown preps, and ortho and periodontal scans.

High speed retrace with AI

With Ai scan matching and high-speed retrace, you can pick up where you left off and fill in the gaps without the wait. The Aoralscan 3’s Ai automatically identifies and filters out unnecessary soft tissue data during scanning resulting in a quicker and cleaner scan process.

Motion control and human-centred design

Clinicians can now scan with minimal contact with the computer, ensuring a safe and efficient scan experience. The ergonomically designed handpiece is light and easy to hold, and the tangle-free silicone cable doesn’t make you feel like you’re tied to the cart.

Orthodontic simulations

Increase your treatment plan acceptances with in-office orthodontic outcome simulations. This feature is inbuilt and free with every Aoralscan 3 intraoral scanner.

Open format

Your DentalCloud account allows for the hassle-free exporting of .STL and full-colour PLY scans so you can send scans freely without having to pay ongoing licencing fees.

Lab Scanner – AutoScan-DS-MIX

The AutoScan-DS-MIX features fine details, high accuracy, and high efficiency – perfect for crowns & bridges, abutments, and bars.

Ultra-fine Details: 2*5.0 MP

Thanks to dual 5.0 MP high-resolution cameras, AutoScan-DS-MIX can perfectly capture edge lines of abutments and features of scan bodies.

2*1.3MP vs. 2*5.0MP

High Accuracy ≤7μm

Scan accuracy ≤7μm assures reliable scan results.

Improved efficiency with all-in-one scan by 30%

AutoScan-DS-MIX features a High-efficiency Scan Mode – 13 seconds for scanning a full arch. With an all-in-one scan, it can improve scan efficiency by approx. 30%.

Intelligent add-on-scan

The integrated scanning software features automatic detection of unscanned surfaces and automatic add-on-scans – AutoScan-DS-MIX offers an ultra-fast intuitive user experience.

An open relationship

The AutoScan-DS-MIX allows you to export STL or textured PLY 3D files. You can import them into your choice of design software.

The AutoScan-DS-MIX also works natively with ExoCAD.

“AutoScan-DS-MIX dental lab scanner has been developed specially for those cases requiring higher data resolution and accuracy. Different from other HD scanners in the market, AutoScan-DS-MIX dental lab scanner has adopted exceptional AI function and intuitive workflow to deliver unexpected work efficiency. So basically it is a scan solution for all dental applications. “

Kevin Ping Product Manager of SHINING 3D Dental

Limited time offer: Until 30th June 2023 receive $500 lab credit with the purchase of your Shining 3D intraoral or lab scanner, just $15,990.

Shining 3D is distributed by Osseo Group in collaboration with Cyberdent. The offer is valid till 30th June 2023.

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