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Sending stone models

We love smashing records, but smashed dental records are no good!

If you're sending us stone models, ensure they're packed with a sensible amount of bubble wrap - tissues and newspaper won't work.

Tips when packing models;

  • Wrap each arch individually in bubble wrap

  • Ensure you can't feel sharp edges of the models through the bubble wrap, if you can, more layers are needed

  • Minimise movement of the wrapped models in the box, as movement usually leads to breakage during transit

  • Organised - if there are multiple patients records packaged in one box, ensure it is clear which models belong to which patient.

All of the finished restorations are returned to you packaged in bubble wrap and a sturdy Cyberdent box. You can re-use these packaging materials when sending cases to us.


Have a case that you'd like to send? Log into your CyberConnect account and complete the 100% online prescription form and arrange a pickup, or upload intraoral scans if you have them.


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