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Understanding PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) Restorations

PFM (porcelain fused to metal) dental crown and bridge

In the realm of modern dentistry, Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) restorations stand as a versatile and proven solution for a range of dental needs. Designed to offer a harmonious blend of affordability, strength, and functionality.

Benefits of PFM Restorations:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: PFM restorations provide an affordable option without compromising on quality or longevity.

  • Proven Track Record: Backed by extensive research and time-tested success, PFM restorations instil confidence in their reliability.

  • Precision Attachments: When needed, precision attachments can be seamlessly incorporated.

  • Shade Management: Metal components effectively mask dark stump shades, ensuring a natural and pleasing appearance.

  • Robust Strength: PFM restorations exhibit robust strength, making them a compelling choice for enduring dental solutions.

  • Long-Span Bridges: These restorations serve as effective and durable materials for crafting long-span bridges.

Limitations to Consider:

  • Aesthetics Consideration: PFM restorations, while durable, may present limitations in achieving optimal aesthetics compared to all-ceramic alternatives.

  • Metal Margins: In certain cases, metal margins might reveal a subtle grey shadow beneath the gumline or become exposed due to gum recession.

Indications for PFM Restorations:

  • Versatility: PFM restorations prove robust and adaptable, making them suitable for use throughout the mouth.

  • Crowns: PFM crowns provide reliable coverage and support for damaged or weakened teeth.

  • Bridges, Including Long-Span: PFM bridges offer dependable solutions for comprehensive dental rehabilitation.

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) restorations emerge as a balanced choice, blending cost-effectiveness, durability, and adaptability. While they exhibit certain aesthetic considerations and potential metal margin visibility, their proven track record and suitability for a variety of applications make them an asset in modern dentistry.

If PFM aligns with your restoration requirements, seize the opportunity by visiting CyberConnect. Register for a free account or log in if you're a Cyberdent provider. Within the online prescription form, you'll find PFM conveniently located under the veneered menu.


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