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Guide to chrome frameworks

Chrome frameworks are a popular choice among our Cyberdent provider. With years of experience and thousands of frameworks manufactured, we are very good at manufacturing them. In fact a number of dental laboratories around Australia utilise our manufacturing services, as it can be a challenging laboratory process.

Cyberdent frameworks are manufactured using a combination of CAD/CAM technology and traditional methods resulting in a seamless framework with a superior finish and fit.

There are two material choices on offer chrome partial denture frameworks including standard chrome which is manufactured using Bego non-precious metal. Our premium frameworks are manufactured in Vitallium 2000 which are thin, light, strong, and able to be polished to a higher lustre.

Chrome frameworks can be manufactured on both physical records and intraoral scans. You can provide the design for the framework by uploading a design diagram to the case or drawing it on the model.

Cases are submitted using the online provider portal CyberConnect, so you can submit and manage your laboratory work anywhere, anytime. To get started register an account at

How to Submit a Case

Step 1: Log into your CyberConnect account at

Step 2: Click 'Submit a Case'. If you have partially submitted RX's they'll also appear for completion or deletion.

Step 3: Select the provider and delivery address if you have more than one on your account.

Step 4: Enter the patients name. Gender and birthdate are optional.

Step 5: Select the arch on the odontogram. Click dentures from the menu option on the right side.

Step 6: Complete the prescription form. Select 'partial denture' under step, and 'metal' for the type. After finishing the prescription select 'Add' to add it to the case file.

Step 7: If you have any specific instructions type them in the 'special instructions' field. If there is a design diagram you can upload it in the drawing and sketches section. Click next.

Step 8: Let us know how you'll be submitting your records - physical impressions/ models, uploading scans, or sending via 3Shape TRIOS.

Impressions - we'll organise a pickup for the impressions or models. Just let us know the best time to collect them.

Scans - export the scans as an *.STL files and upload them to the case file by dragging and dropping into the field provided.

3Shape TRIOS - we'll check our 3Shape inbox to get the scans. If you need to connect search '' and request a connection.


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