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Benefits of a diagnostic mockup

Smile makeovers are becoming ever popular among consumers. A diagnostic mockup is a tool that practitioners can utilise during the smile design process to evaluate the treatment plan and communicate with patients.

A diagnostic mockup changes the model or intraoral scans of the patient in line with the specifications of the proposed treatment plan. Essentially the diagnostic mockup replicates the final restorations.

The purpose of a diagnostic mockup is to evaluate the aesthetics and functionality of the proposed treatment plan.

Benefits of a diagnostic wax-up

  • Powerful communication tool when discussing the proposed treatment with a patient

  • Aids in communication with the dental technician

  • Demonstrate the final aesthetics and function

  • Useful as a guide when prepping teeth

  • Template to provide provisional restorations whilst the final restorations are in production

Communication is essential in aesthetically driven cases. Let us know your treatment plan on the prescription form, and upload photos and diagrams to the case file if required. Our technicians will communicate with you during the process to ensure the best result whilst maintaining an efficient workflow.


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