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Can I send PVS or alginate impressions?

Yes! You sure can.

Each time you submit a case on CyberConnect and select 'physical records' our system will automatically generate a packing slip which you'll need to print and include with the impressions. The pickup will automatically be booked in, saving you a phone call.

We should also mention that with alginates, our courier service is an overnight service so it is advisable to pack your alginates in a zip lock bag with some damp tissue to reduce the risk of the alginate distorting during transport.

Finally, remember that all pickups made on a Friday which contain alginates won't be received until Monday. It would be best to pour these ones up prior to sending them.


Have a case ready that you'd like to send? Log into your CyberConnect account and complete the 100% online prescription form and arrange a pickup.


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