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Recommended materials for cementing & bonding our restorations

We use Ivoclar materials and recommend you use Ivoclar's range of restorative materials to cement and bond our restorations.

We recommend the following materials:

  • Liquid strip

  • Proxyt

  • Monobond Etch & Prime

  • Total Etch

  • Adhese Universal

  • Variolink Esthetic DC

  • Variolink Aesthetic LC

  • SpeedCEM Plus

PFM, Full Alloy Crowns, Alloy Inlays/onlays, Zirmax, Zirmil, & Zirmega Crowns

  • O2 Inhibitor - Liquid Strip

  • Cement - SpeedCEM Plus

IPS e.max crowns, veneers, Meganeers & ceramic inlays/onlays

  • Restoration - Monobond Etch & Prime

  • Tooth - Total Etch then Adhese Universal

  • O2 Inhibitor - Liquid Strip

  • Bond - Variolink Aesthetic DC or Variolink Aesthetic LC for veneers and Meganeers

For a full step-by-step rundown of how to use these materials, check our our 'How-to' articles.


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